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Canadian diver may have solved decades-old US Army mystery

He made the find while diving for sea cucumbers!

Josh Butler
Published 11th November 2016

Having never actually been in the presence of a sea cucumber in our entire lives, we reckon discovering one of these on the ocean floor would be a pretty cool experience in itself.

However, regular diver Sean Smyrichinsky bumped into something even more extraordinary during his customary daily search for the bizarre bottom-dwelling animals.

You can imagine his surprise/terror (delete as appropriate) when he swan into a missing nuclear bomb. After alerting the authorities that there was a potentially dangerous military weapon lurking in the depths off Pitt Island, Mr Smyrichinsky realised the true gravitas of his discovery.


The Canadian Navy have dispatched a team to verify his claims because he may well have provided the answer to one of the Cold War’s biggest mysteries.

Back in 1950, The US Army jettisoned an 11,000lb Mark IV ‘Fat Man’ bomb – of comparable size to the one dropped on Hiroshima – following a training incident went awry.

Flying back from Alaska, a  bomber carrying the ‘Fat Man’, suffered engine failure as a result of the extreme cold and the crew were forced to evacuate.


Before leaving the plane, the crewmen ditched the bomb in the sea – fearing Soviet forces might be able to recover the device – and crashed the aircraft inland.

US Army searches over the next three years found the remnants of the crashed plane, but no traces of the submerged bomb.

It seems Mr Smyrichinsky’s descriptions match the errant nuclear warhead. He described it as, “bigger than a kingsize bed”, perfectly flat on top with a rounded bottom and had a hole in the centre just “like a bagel”.

The bomb is generally thought to have broken up following its impact with the cold waters of the Northern Pacific and armament experts believe Mr Smyrichinsky may have found the section of the nuke which contained the explosive material.


The alleged location of the missing Fat Man.

A spokesman for the Canadian Armed Forces told reporters, ““We do want to be sure and we do want to investigate it further.”

The Royal Canadian Navy ship deployed to investigate should arrive in the area in the next few weeks.

So, with Trump elected and now a massive nuclear warhead discovered lying off the coast of America, who else reckons Fallout can’t be too far over the horizon?