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Say hello to the tyre that never goes flat and doesn’t need air

They could finally be about to rid the world of the irate cyclist!

Josh Butler
Published 11th November 2016

There are lots of great things about cycling. It keeps you fit, keeps you healthy, and there’s the added bonus that you’re not belching noxious gases into our fragile ecosystem.

But despite all this, one thing above all can bring your lovely cycling experience to a juddering halt. A flat tyre. The bane of every cyclist’s life, and they’re so bloody fiddly to replace!


Plus, they never seem to occur when the weather’s pleasant, do they? It’s only when the heavens have opened, a chill wind’s roaring or the ice age is about to set in that you’ll ever experience a flat tyre. Guaranteed.

Which is why we’re so delighted someone has finally invented a tyre that doesn’t go flat. Hell, it doesn’t even need air!

These genius tyres are the idea of Nexo, a company who dares to ask the important questions, like: What happens when you mix the A-Team, Batman and Uni-Kitty’s magic horn? We don’t know either but we’re pretty sure they hate flat tires too.

So they got their collective brains together and came up with this revolutionary new tyre. It’s made from a compounded macromolecular material, which attaches to your existing rim, and looks like a regular road tyre.


These are 40% lighter than previous solid tyres, and tests reveal that they can last for 3106 miles before losing a tread depth of 0.2mm.

Plus, for the eco-conscious – and let’s face it, if you ride a bike you can’t not be – these tyres are fully recyclable. According to the manufacturers, 10 million tonnes of bike tyres and tubes are discarded every year – none of which can be recycled.


So by going punctureless, you’ll be going green – hurrah!

They’re easy to fit, too, attaching to your existing rims, and come in a variety of colours so you can customise your tyres to fit the rest of your frame.

Not only that, Nexo have also developed the Ever tyre, a tyre that is impossible to puncture. However, this variant comes with its own rim, meaning you have to take your entire wheel off to fit it.

That being said, they can go for 5000 miles without needing to be replaced. So, really only Bradley Wiggings might have to buy more than one set of these!


They pretty much eliminate the need for carrying a spare tube or hefting around your pump, so kicking seven bells out of your wretched bike because it’s got another flat tyre in the pissing rain en route to work is going to be a thing of the past thanks to Nexo.

And for that, we salute you.