Fuelling the Modern Man

Watch as Aussie have-a-go hero gives the most Aussie interview of all time

In a world ravaged by crime, we need more people like Daniel McConnell!

Josh Butler
Published 24th November 2016

Daniel McConnell, a resident of Brisbane, recounted in glorious detail his efforts at chasing a runaway car-driver who had just crashed into the awning of a fish-and-chip shop, right outside his home.

Speaking to Today, Daniel recalled how he leaped into action after the driver crashed into his mate’s mum’s shop. The next two minutes of footage instantly rocketed the neighbourhood hero into the realms of internet stardom.

And it turns out Daniel’s efforts to catch the culprit weren’t in vain. Following his vigilante work, police were able to catch the driver who has since been charged with one count of unlicensed driving.

The 35-year-old is expected to appear at the Brisbane Magistrates Court on January 31st, while Daniel can now enjoy his place as one of the greatest interviewees in broadcasting history.

We all need a neighbour like Daniel McConnell, whose mantra “you look after your mates, and they’ll look after you” is something more of us could do with adopting.

At last, something good to have come out of 2016!