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A military spy town is up for sale – and it could be yours for $1 million

The former site of military espionage is now yours to own.

Josh Butler
Published 21st November 2016

A former military town for spies has gone up for sale in West Virginia for a minimum price of $1 million (£800,806), meaning you could have an entire settlement to yourself for less than the average house in Central London.

Sugar Grove Station originally went to auction in April of this year and, though a bid was accepted, the initial sale fell through. After a second unsuccessful listing in September, the town is now up for sale for a third time.


Nestled on the western edge of a national forest, Sugar Grove Station is a 0.5 square-kilometre property with 80 single-family homes, a dorm with 53 suites and a number of functional municipal buildings, including a fire station, a youth activity centre and a public works building.

The U.S. government’s public auction site says the town is “ideal for a corporate training centre, a university or academic campus, a spa/clinic, movie studio, or mountain resort.”

Or a refuge for the inevitable zombie apocalypse (it’s coming we tell ya), the perfect spot for your own medieval kingdom, or a haven for people who just can’t stand their neighbours.


However, there are a few catches.

As the entire settlement lies in the shadow of the United States’ National Radio Quiet Zone, it’s been dubbed the “Town That Telecommunications Forgot” because mobile phones, wi-fi and radios are completely prohibited.


The National Radio Quiet Zone was established in 1958, shortly before the base was founded as a listening post to monitor communications from the Soviet Union.

Several gigantic satellite dishes and radio telescopes remain in use in the area, giving the entire place a sort of quasi-Fallout feeling – just minus the rampant radiation and roaming mutants.


Despite this, the US government clearly have high hopes of flogging their former centre of espionage accommodation because they’ve made several show homes open to public viewing.

Sadly, there are no bugs, secret doorways or luger pistols with those funny little James Bond-style silencer attachments on show in the selected houses. But we reckon they’re there, somewhere.

So, if you fancy owning an entire town and have plans of opening your own university/spa/studio/zombie refuge, all you need is a million dollars and you’re sorted.