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These Aussie pranksters bluffed their way into North Korean golf tournament!

The absolute cheek of them — but somehow they pulled it off!

Josh Butler
Published 3rd November 2016

A pair of Brisbane natives, who were visiting China as part of a polo tour, managed to blag their way into a North Korean international golf tournament, posing as professional golfers.

Morgan Ruig and Evan Shay applied for the tournament via email and were amazed to find they’d been accepted after officials in the totalitarian state fell for their fabricated story.


Thus, they were flown into the hermit state and given the VIP treatment ahead of the tee-off. Bedecked in official green blazers, the pair were treated to tours of Pyongyang and even got their photos taken with statues of North Korea’s revered dictators.

The two-day tournament brought 85 participants from around the world to North Korea’s only golf course in Pyongyang, and Ruig and Shay were forced to surrender their passports at the border.

“We were very nervous handing our passports over at the border. There are stories of people not coming home,” Mr Ruig told the Courier-Mail newspaper.


Although they weren’t taken hostage, the Aussie duo couldn’t get anywhere near Kim Jon-il’s “official” score on the course, which stands at 38 under par after hitting 11 consecutive hole-in-ones. All on his very first attempt at the sport. Uncanny, eh?

In spite of this, the lads somehow managed to complete the tournament, albeit finishing right at the bottom of the standings. In fact, they were so poor, their caddy told them they’d brought shame on their families!

Fortunately, they had no problems in leaving the country following their bogus tournament showing, and Ruig told reporters, “We played very poorly… but we met some very interesting people.”


He also went on to go some way to disproving the country’s reputation as being entirely incapable of enjoying a good laugh, especially at their own expense: “The officials thought it was quite funny.”

Who’d have thought it? Looks like they do have a sense of humour after all!

At the end of their trip, once the pair were safely out of the country with their passports back in their possession, they confessed, “We wouldn’t recommend it to a light-hearted traveller. It was pretty hardcore but it was an amazing experience.”