Fuelling the Modern Man

Watch this homemade Lego robot put us all to shame and solve a Rubik’s Cube

He only has one job — and he’s brilliant at it!

Josh Butler
Published 16th November 2016

First of all, we acknowledge the human record for solving a Rubik’s Cube stands at 4.9 seconds (how?!), but take a minute to appreciate this isn’t a creature with nature’s most powerful brain at its disposal.

Instead, it’s a Lego robot, with a cheeky little ginger ‘tache, and it’s still solved the tricky Russian puzzle a damn sight quicker than most humans can manage.

The video, uploaded to YouTube by user LordGab, shows his Lego robot using one arm to operate a colour sensor that detects the different coloured tiles on a scrambled Rubik’s cube, while the other grasps and flips the cube.

Two minutes and forty-seven seconds isn’t bad at all! Although our little ginger friend has some way to go before he can beat the robotic record set by a Germany machine earlier this year — 0.887 seconds. Chin up, little droid.