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Tired of Tinder? Here’s Sindr – the Catholic Church’s new confession app!

Catholicism goes 21st century!

Josh Butler
Published 23rd November 2016

The Catholic App, to give it its proper name, is the latest attempt by the Catholic Church to connect with its younger audience, as it attempts to enter the digital age.

Already dubbed ‘Sindr’, the app is the brainchild of Archbishop Leo Cushley, and aims to help followers of the Holy faith find a place for confession in their area. It’s due to go online in 2017.

Fr. Bede Price, OSB in a newly installed confessional at the Oratory of Ss. Gregory and Augustine.

Referring to it as a “smart bit of technology”, the app reportedly harnesses technology  developed by software firm Musemantik to guide the faithful from their current location to the nearest Catholic Church, in order to find a mass or confessional.

Exactly like Tinder, but with less promiscuity. Which will please Catholics no end.

Speaking to Vatican Radio, Archbishop Cushley was dutifully humble when asked about his potentially groundbreaking invention: “The idea was really inspired by the Holy Father himself.”


Oh, come on now, mate, don’t let him take all the credit.

He explained how the app with change “how the Catholic Church brings the mercy of God and the joy of the Gospel to our contemporary world.”

And fellow Christians of conflicting denominations, Muslims, Jews, Atheists and just about anyone who would have no use for the app whatsoever were encouraged to download it.

“I hope everyone’s going to use it,” Archbishop Cushley exclaimed.

The launch kicked off in Rome, where strangely, no one pointed out to poor Leo that he and his mates were actually clutching large cardboard cut-outs instead of actual phones and tablets.

However, it is great to see the Catholic Church expanding their horizons and beginning to embrace this ever-changing modern world. We reckon there’s two lads who would be pretty chuffed right about now!