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Guy gets ‘cow killer’ wasp to sting him… and the result looks seriously PAINFUL!

Coyote Peterson is one crazy fella

Alex Mott
Published 22nd September 2016

GWhen Coyote Peterson (yes, Coyote) has some spare time on his hands, he doesn’t binge-watch Narcos or go to the pub like everyone else.

No, he purposely finds a wasp that supposedly has a sting so powerful and painful that it can kill a cow, then gets said wasp to sting him.


On a recent episode of Breaking Trail — which follows Peterson, an ‘adventurer and animal expert’ – the crew found the Velvet Ant, also known as the ‘cow killer.’

It’s a species of wingless wasp and is known for having one of the most painful stings out of any insect in the world.

So hey, why not grab one and force it to sting you? That’s clearly the most natural thing to do.


A solid 10 minutes of the video features Peterson trying to force this wasp to sting him, to the point where you start to feel really, genuinely bad for this killer wasp.


He traps it in a glass against his skin, and when that doesn’t work, he grabs it in forceps and forces it to stick its monster stinger into his arm.

And we’ll let the video do the rest.


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