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Watch the terrifying moment a pilot loses his propeller mid-flight

Mark Penell was flying his single seater small aircraft when disaster struck…

Owen Evans
Published 29th September 2016

We love a good ol’ cheating death story. But to lose your propeller mid-flight – that’s pant-sh*ttingly scary, even for us.

Pilot Mark Penell encountered this problem while he was thousands of feet in the air. That kind of situation would have caused us lesser mortals to panic or completely lose it.

Pennell was flying his single-seat Rans S-10 small aircraft when the propeller just stopped working.

And cool as a cucumber, he used his master flying skills to safely land the plane using the dead stick method – a type of landing when an aircraft loses all of its propulsive power and is forced to land.


Miraculously no one was hurt in the incident. The bona fide dude shared the video of the landing on YouTube, telling users he was “very lucky.”

One viewer wrote: “Wow… great flying… I hope no one was in the way of that prop when it hit the ground!”

Penell responded: “Nope but the jumper club was there and they all came out to help me.”

While another wrote: “Now you’re a glider pilot too. Great job.”

Another user asked how it was possible to lose the propeller, and Pennell said, “I didn’t torque it correctly.”

Top skills mate, you actually cheated a fiery painful death there, you should deffo try the lottery now.

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